In 2012 Evencki was founded on a simple timeless pleasure: to bring the grace, elegance, and bliss of true artisanal craftsmanship to the comfort of your bed. 

What makes Evencki high quality bed linen so unique?

1. Q U A L I T Y : Aside from our heirloom quality, is that Evencki is truly a masterpiece of artisanal craftsmanship - the couture of high quality bed linen.

2. P R O D U C T I O N : We do not mass-produce nor do we sew our fabrics in factories spread across the world. We regionally sew and weave every order custom to you. 

3. E U R O P E A N   T R A D I T I O N : With our bespoke method and attention to detail, Evencki gives a nod to European tradition; a time when custom tailoring and handmade linens weren’t simply a pleasure of the past, but a time when handcrafted quality was all there was and nothing less was expected.

4. H A N D - T A I L O R E D : Our delicately hand-tailored high quality bed linen are sewn only upon order. By refusing to compromise quality for mass-produced, high-demand goods, we are able to offer attainable boutique linens - linens that we would argue to be only the finest available. Sourced regionally, ethically and affordably, each step of our production has been carefully chosen because we know that even the minutest detail can make the most extraordinary differences.

What are the fabrics that make our high quality bed linen so unique?

When cultivating the finest high quality bed linen, we consider three details: type of fiber, where the fiber is woven, and your personal preference of thread count. To ensure the sweetest of dreams, Evencki uses only the finest of Egyptian cotton and Belgian linen. These fabrics are woven by the hands of traditional experts, which are renowned in their own respect for spinning the most coveted of fabrics.

Why Egyptian cotton and Belgian linen? Because they are essential to quality. Egyptian cotton, in particular, contains fibers that are exceptionally longer than regular cotton fibers. This results in a fiber with fewer splices, producing a yarn that is more durable, softer, and lustrous. Belgian linen is also renowned for its unspoken quality. Sourced from Flanders, a region in Belgium that has rich soil and the prefect climate to cultivate flax, has been producing linen for centuries. The end result is our Evencki fabrics with an unequivocally serene finish.

What further sets us apart is our Egyptian cotton is woven in Italy, a place respected for spinning the finest fabrics in the world. Their skill has been passed down for generations and is a true mastery that yields impeccable quality.

The happily ever after… our raw materials are then passed down to our personal tailors who have become experts of Evencki refinement and perfection, producing custom high quality bed linens of exquisite comfort and visual elegance. 

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