Bed Linen Care - How to Wash Your Favourite Sheets 

Bed linen requires care! You can never given yourself or your bed line too much love!

Though the bed linen is exposed to the same elements just like any other items of clothing, it requires special care so you can enjoy it longer. The best way to care for your bed linen is to wash it on low or medium settings with less detergent/washing powder than usual. If you handle your bed linen more like your delicate fabrics you will definitely extend the life of your favourite set.

Our Washing Instructions

- be gentle when laundering, use gentle wash cycle
- use cool to warm water before putting them on the bed. Expect 3-4% shrinkage
- avoid high heat, it cooks the yarn causing the fabric to shrink and loose it natural softness
- use less detergent/washing powder than usual. Never apply any soap/detergent directly on fabrics while still dry
- use an extra rinse cycle if available in order to remove any detergent/washing powder residue
- wash with items of similar colour and fabrics
- avoid using bleach. Evencki cannot be responsible for damage to bed linen caused by high level of bleach that cause yellowing
- leave bed linen in the dryer just until dry, avoid over drying. Once removed, smooth them out and fold to reduce wrinkling
- no drying in the direct sunlight, which can cause colours to fade, unless it is white bed linen

Our Washing Tips

Cotton sateen sheets/bed linen are recommended to be washed in cold water before use. It will set the fibres and prevent them from pilling. If you are keen on keeping your favourite sets shiny, avoid using the dryer as well.

Hang your sets to dry, you will first of all decrease the wrinkling plus increase the longevity. If you can, avoid using dryer, the heat destroys the natural fibres, thus weakens the fabric and shortens the life of your linen. Iron while still wet.