by selecting the finest fabrics, we created the best bed linen for your bedroom

When creating Evencki bed linen we made sure to work only with the best, and no other place takes such pride, skill, and artistry like the Italian mills. Centuries of practice have resulted in what most consider true perfect in weaving, that’s why we could go nowhere else to ensure only the finest for our clients.

it is simple, really! .... we make the finest cotton bed linen possible.

cotton type

When it comes to fine cotton bed linen, quality is our primary concern. Three key components come into play when talking about the quality and condition of our products, one of the them is the type of cotton. You can’t have bed linen without cotton, and you can’t have high quality bed linen without finest cotton! Evencki utilizes only the finest long staple Egyptian cotton. Its fibers are longer than regular ensuring the strength, durability of the yarn and softnes of the fabric. The strength also accounts for the fabrics resistance to wear and tear. Egyptian cotton bed linen tends to become softer with every wash because of this innate strength.


In general, the finer and longer the fiber, the more easily it can be spun afterwards into a smoother, more durable and sturdy yarn. The world strongest, finest, and longest lasting cotton fibers are made from Egyptian cotton. Our partners in Italy use only the very finest long-staple Egyptian cotton spun into a yarn that produces soft, lightweight and durable bed linen.


Two types of weaves exist: Percale and sateen:
Percale is characterized by a criss cross weave pattern and typically has a thread count higher than 200. Cotton Sateen on the other hand is woven using finer threads in a way that that makes the bed linen feel silky and smooth with a very specific sheen to it. Of course personal preference is a deciding factor when choosing between percale and satenn bed linen. While some enjoy the silkiness of a higher count cotton sateen, other prefer the simple touch and crisp feel of percale bed linen.

thread count

Tread count simply refers to the number of threads woven into each square inch of fabric. In our opinion is only one of the factors that makes the bed linen really superb. There is a general believe, higher the thread count, the better the quality of bed linen, the statement is not entirely false as the fabric becomes more luxurious, more soft but denser! Therefore, we think the number of the thread count is rather a personal preference. With our choice of bed linen, you can sleep soundly in summer warm nights with our lower thread count sateen, 300TC or nestle comfortably under the most luxurious & soft 600TC bed linen.

The best cotton bed linen

Our percale & sateen bed linen is made using the finest long staple Egyptian cotton woven in Italy that has been associated with the production of the most luxurious textiles. The knowledge of weaving the unmatched quality & craftsmanship of Italian textile mills has been passed through generation! However, the extraordinary feel of our bed linen is not only down to superb raw materials but the finishing itself, for which Italian mills are famous for. As the fabrics goes through several processes it becomes extremely soft, beautiful, and deep in colours.

low or high thread count bed linen ?

In our collection there is 300, 500 and 600 thread count bed linen! So you can choose the one that suits you the most. As all our bed linen is made from the finest yarns, the choice is really a matter of preferences. Lower thread count bed linen has the ideal balance between the softness & breathability and it is our best recommendation for those that look for a light-weighted fabric. Higher thread count, like 600TC bed linen provides however the most sumptuous feeling with silky & luminous hand. It is certainly the best buy for those that look to upgrade their bedroom with softness and luxury.

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