Evencki Buyers' Guide
- bed linen sizes

We hope you find our guide to bed linen sizes useful! Though there are some small differences in bedding among retailers, the bed linen comes normally in standard sizes. If you look for a new set for your double or single bed, please make sure you check the country first, as we do differ in our preferences, especially in pillow cases.
In case you dont remember which bed linen size you currently have, we do recommend to measure it up.

bed linen sizes in the UK

duvet covers Size [cm]
king 225x220
double 200x200
single 140x200
pillow case
standard 50x75

bed linen sizes in Germany

duvet covers Size [cm]
double 200x200
komfort 155x220
single 132x200
pillow case
standard 80x80
komfort 80x40

bed linen sizes in Poland

duvet covers Size [cm]
extra długa 200x220
podwójna 200x200
komfort 160x200
pojedyncza 140x200
pillow case
standard 80x70

order custom size

Order custom size bed linen

in case of unstandard bedding

buy cusotom size bed linen
At Evencki we offer our clients all standard bed linen sizes for countries like Germany, United Kingdom or Poland, for a single duvet we recommend to choose bed linen size either 140x200 or 135x200. If you look for more comfort and like to cuddle into a big duvet, certainly a double size bed linen 200x200 will be the most preferable. For any odd or unstandard bed linen sizes, we recommend to use our custom size service. Our skilful tailors in cutting and sewing will guarantee the right fit! If you’re not really sure which bed linen size you should order, feel free to contact us , we will guide you how to do it right.