We’re crazy about bed linen and enhancing your sleeping experience. And why shouldn’t we be, after all a major part of our lives revolves around our beds and in particular the comfort, safety, and security associated with them.
So take the next couple of minutes to flip through this useful terminology. It will not only help you to get to know the product a little better, it may just change your sleeping experience forever.

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Belgian Linen

Belgian linen is a trademark created by the Belgian Linen Association in 1960 and is exclusively meant for fabrics produced in Belgium … read more


it is fabric’s ability to transport all the moisture and vapours. Good quality lightweight cotton bed linen or linen made of natural fibres are probably the best, they allow the airflow and keep us comfortable when sleeping.


it is the process that separates the fibres and line them up in the same direction.

Combed Cotton

it is one of the softer version of cotton. Its fibres, before spun into yarn are specially treated, all the impurities are removed, like short or broken fibres. As a result, combed cotton is extremely soft, stronger and more ideal for bed linen.


it is the process where fine brushes remove the impurities and short fibres, leaving only long and straight ones. Approximately 15% of the total volume is removed, generally speaking the process is more refined than cording.

Cotton Type

there are quite many of cotton types, e.g. the Asian cotton is characterised by its short length whereas Egyptian cotton famous for the long fibres is more superior and produce the finest fabrics available on the market. … read more


it is a fabric made of cotton, silk, linen, wool or any kind of synthetic fabric with a reversible pattern formed by weaving. Very often it comes monochromatic, featuring patterns of flowers, fruit, and other designs.


the term describes how dense the fibres are woven, higher the number of thread counts denser the fabric feels. Though it is extremely luxurious & softer in comparison to lower thread count fabric, it is not as breathable and not recommended as e.g. summer bed linen.


it is the process of adding a colour to the fabric. It can include the direct application or yarn dying usually more expensive and often used in jacquard weaving.

Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton – it world’s finest cotton, often the term refers to long staple cotton produced in Egypt. … read more


it is the art of decorating the fabric with thread done by hand resulting often in a masterpiece or by machine.

Fitted sheet

it is a sheet with elastic in the hem to stop it slipping off the bottom of mattress.


it is a soft and light cotton or wool fabric woven with plain and twill weave with a napped finish. It has been made since 17 th century in Wales and eventually spread across the world being now a very common fabric for making clothing and bed linen.

Flat sheet

it is the most basic sheet, a rectangle piece of fabric, normally available in sizes of standard mattresses.


it is the fibre crop cultivated normally in northern Europe (from Normandy in Northern France through Belgium & Netherlands) mostly due to its cooler climate. The textile made of flax is called linen. … read more


the term refers to how the fabric feels against your skin, it describes its softness, crispness & silkiness.

Housewife pillowcase

it is a pillow case that has the envelop preventing the pillow from falling out.


refers to fabrics that cause fewer allergic reactions than others, the term doesn’t mean allergy-proof or gentler for your skin.


it is a fabric with incorporated woven design instead of printed or dyed on patterns. The name comes from Joseph Jacquard, a French weaver who in 1804 invented the loom.


it is not woven but knitted textile. it is light, flexible & stretchy, being extremely smooth makes a popular choice for clothing as well bed linen.


it is a fabric made of flax grown mostly in cooler part of the world. Traditionally used for cloths and bed linen mostly due to its durability and comfort. … read more.


it is treatment often for cotton already combed threads that strengthens them & increase their lustrous appearance.

Oxford pillowcase

it is a pillow case that has fabric border around the edge, usually 5cm.

Percale bed linen

it refers to closely woven plain-weave sheets. … read more

Pima cotton

it is a generic name and refers to long staple cotton grown in the US, Peru & Australia.


refers to the thin tube of fabric used as an ornament to pillow cases & duvet covers.


is a term often defined as “long-chain polymers chemically composed of at least 85% by weight of an ester. The fabrics made of polyester and the fibers are extremely soft, durable and resistant to stretching. Though it is not a natural fabric in bed linen industry become popular due to its wrinkle resistant.

Sateen bed linen

it refers to woven sateen-weave sheets. As oppose to percale bed linen that has mat finishing, sateen is smooth & lustrous. … read more

Seersucker bed linen

is a thin, puckered, all-cotton bed linen, woven in a very characteristic way, giving the fabric a wrinkled appearance.


it is a process that converts the cotton fibres into yarn.

Staple length

the term refers to the length of the cotton fibres.

Thread count

it is a term describing the number of threads woven into one square inch of a fabric. … read more

Topper sheet

it is a sheet with extra deep pockets to fit around the topper.


is the process where two yarns of threads (wrap & weft) are interlaced/woven with each to form the fabric. The majority of woven products are created using 3 basic weaves: sateen, percale & twill.


meaning thrown away, it is the lengthwise yarn holding the tension on the loom. Weft - in the weaving process, weft (something woof) refers to the thread which is drawn through the warp to create the fabric. In other words, it the yarn woven across the loom.


it is a continuous strand of fibres such as cotton, wool or nylon used in weaving or knitting.