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Evencki isn’t just a company that makes bed linen, we take a lot of pride in making our products, picking up textile, colours, patterns & all great goodies that makes us special. There are times, when we might seem to be over passionate about things that some people might consider as unimportant. But in the end of the day, we believe that these unimportant things make the difference that matters the most. Evencki is all about offering originality and exciting unique products that you, your family, friends will love to buy or give as a present.

All in all, we are just glad that you found us!

If you are interested to join us, please click on link below (current vacancies) for the available openings.
All applications should be made via e-mail. Please attach an up to date C.V. and a cover letter if necessary.

Make it personal & demonstrate your creativity
Keep it brief
Make it passionate
What do you like the most about Evencki?
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CURRENT VACANCIES, please click here.